Abiteboul and Renault support budget cap

24-03-2019 18:15
by Joseph Tyrrell
Abiteboul and Renault support budget cap

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has insisted that the financial side of the sport will come before the technical side when the 2021 rule changes come into play, with a deadline of June approaching for confirmation of the regulation changes.

The 2021 changes are seen as Liberty Media’s first big impact on the sport but no changes are currently set in stone. Renault are currently fighting to be ‘best of the rest’ in F1 and with a budget cap one of the discussed changes, the French team could leave the sport once again if their spot becomes under threat as they struggle to break into the big three.

Speaking to Motorsport.com Abiteboul said: “There is lots of dialogue between the teams and F1 and the FIA, in particular on the budget cap.

“That's a very complex set of new regulations and something that did not exist.

“So every day, every week, we are making progress to address some of the concerns.

“As far as Renault is concerned, because we think that something needs to be seriously done to contain the costs to be competitive in F1, we are massively in support of the budget cap,” added the Frenchman.

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