Marko says 'the best part in the Red Bull package is the Honda engine"

18-03-2019 17:57
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Marko says 'the best part in the Red Bull package is the Honda engine

Helmut Marko has opened up on Red Bull's performance during the opening round of the 2019 Formula 1 season. Marko believes that Red Bull has 10 horsepower less than Mercedes but says that the engine will be upgraded soon. 

"We hope that the Mercedes form was specific to Melbourne," Marko said to Auto Motor. 

"We were ahead of Ferrari, but we want to be ahead of everyone in the end."

Red Bull are confident in their package and believe that their engine is a real strength. "The best part in the package is the Honda engine. We need to improve the chassis," said Marko. 

"We have too little downforce, but that's born of the philosophy of the last five years, where we constantly had to compensate for lack of performance. We have always looked at the straights as little air resistance as possible. That's why we did not have any big wings in Melbourne. They do not exist in our imagination." 

However, Marko believes that the Red Bull was running with less horsepower than Mercedes were. 

"The board has promised us that more power will come soon. It's up to us to develop the chassis to catch up with the people ahead of us.

"Five wins are the minimum and the participation in the title race is mandatory."

Red Bull will be confident after the performance in Australia and will hope that they can continue to improve in Bahrain. 

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