Haas pays tribute to Charlie Whiting: "Wouldn't be here without him"

15-03-2019 18:17
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
F1 News
Haas pays tribute to Charlie Whiting: Wouldn't be here without him

After the sudden passing of F1 race director Charlie Whiting, Haas F1 have revealed they'll be running a tribute for Whiting on the nose of their car, as team principal Guenther Steiner explained Haas wouldn't be in F1 if not for Whiting.

When he addressed the media, Steiner told reporters how big of an influence Whiting was on day to day proceedings.

“Charlie was a very big part of this sport,” Steiner was quoted by RaceFans.

“We all know him, he was always polite. He never had anything bad to say which is amazing from a person in his job, especially. My condolences to his family because he was too young to go.

“I think he was a friend of Haas [and] he was a personal friend. I would say without the help of Charlie in the beginning five years ago, [when] he advised us how to do things best, we wouldn’t be here. So I’ve got a lot of respect for what he did.”

Whiting has been around in F1 for decades, overseeing close to 400 Grands Prix across two decades in his role as race director.

“I think we always have to remember him being one of the big ones in this sport to make it what it is now. We never have to forget. We can show up here, have a good time, have a good life out of this, because of people like Charlie. So a lot of respect to him.”

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