Steiner: F1 needs to be careful of knee-jerk reaction to new rules

10-03-2019 17:30
by Jake Williams-Smith
Steiner: F1 needs to be careful of knee-jerk reaction to new rules

Haas team principal Gunther Steiner has admitted that there could be a premature negative reaction to the new 2019 regulations in Australia.

The Albert Park circuit in Melbourne is notoriously tricky to overtake at and with the first race of the new season looming, the Haas boss has warned against any conclusions being drawn from the race about the new aero changes.

“The aim of the regulation change was to make passing easier, but the proof is in the pudding. We’ll only really see after three or four races how it works out," he explained in a preview of the race.

"Australia, in general, is a very difficult track to pass at – probably one of the most difficult ones. If it doesn’t work there, we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it will not work for the whole year.

"We need to see if it works or not, and you only really find these things out in race situations."

Other upcoming races like the Chinese and Bahrain Grands Prix could be much more representative of the kind of racing we could get in 2019 under the new regulations.

Haas will be hoping they avoid a repeat of last season's disaster in Melbourne after the team lost a double points finish due to pit stop errors leaving wheels unattached to their cars.

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