Todt believes that Formula 1 is a 'world of controversy'

05-03-2019 14:09
by Louis Shaw
Todt believes that Formula 1 is a 'world of controversy'

FIA president Jean Todt believes that it is 'unfortunate' that Formula 1 seeks to criticise everything. Todt described Formula 1 as a 'world of controversy.' These comments are in reference to the negative response from the new aero rules for 2019. 

For the upcoming season, simplified front wings, brake ducts and bargeboards have all been introduced to try and increase the racing element of Formula 1. Many criticised this change stating that the change was too expensive and unnecessary. 

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Todt said to "I hear everything, that it was a waste of money, that it’s a fantastic improvement on overtaking. So I’m excited to see what it will finally do.

"But Formula 1 is a world of controversy. Rather than having people positive, building the best motor racing product we have, they always try to find something which does not work.

"Which is a bit unfortunate."

During winter testing cars were quicker this year than they were last by just under a second. It will be interesting to see if the new rule changes will increase the competitiveness of Formula 1 or if people were right to criticise the idea. 

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