Honda to make small adjustments to engine before Melbourne

04-03-2019 17:01
by Louis Shaw
Honda to make small adjustments to engine before Melbourne

Honda says that they face no 'serious' issues with their engine and they will only need to make some small amendments before the season starts in Melbourne. Honda had a successful time at winter testing with both the Red Bull and the Toro Rosso engines running without any problems. 

F1 technical director Toyoharu Tanabe has however suggested that there are some smaller issues that need to fixed. 

“We don’t have a serious problem with the current installation, but we found some issues because of the tight packaging,” he told Autosport, referring to the very narrow rear-end on both Red Bull cars.

“The shape was a little bit too aggressive, so we need to make it a little bit different. It’s not a big concern.”

“[I'm] never happy, actually!" he said of the improvements. “Of course we have a target and a target through the year as well.

“We are not so confident with the current achievement [as there is] still a lot of areas we need to work on to catch up to the top competitors.”

It will be interesting to see if Honda are able to compete with the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes and if they can help get Red Bull back to World Championship success. 


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