Hamilton wants to keep growing

23-02-2019 16:35
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Hamilton wants to keep growing

Lewis Hamilton may have won his fifth world title in 2018, with a dominant second half of the season and he’s showing no sign of slowing up.

Hamilton has won four of the last five title races only being beaten by former teammate, Nico Rosberg in 2016 who announced his retirement shortly after.

Sebastian Vettel has failed to maintain a serious challenge in the last two years and it looks like his job is about to get harder.

Speaking to FormulaPassion.it Hamilton insisted he’s going to keep pushing for more: “It is just to continue like this, keep pushing, trying to grow as an athlete and as a driver.

“We have time available, it's just about continuing to work: there may be obstacles, false steps, but I know that I have to get up because those are the moments in which you grow more.”

Many people believe other drivers will need Hamilton to suffer a lapse in motivation to beat the Brit but he believes that comes easily to him.

“Finding the motivation is really quite simple.

“You set goals every year and I think these goals should stimulate you,” added Hamilton.

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