Kubica reveals that Williams built car five times quicker than normal

21-02-2019 15:42 | Updated: 21-02-2019 15:49
by Louis Shaw
Kubica reveals that Williams built car five times quicker than normal

Williams finally got on track yesterday and their new driver Robert Kubica has revealed that his team have built the cars at super speed to get on track. 

Williams missed the first day of testing and the second day was effectively their shakedown. The British team has been able to test properly today with Kubica taking the morning session and Russell taking over for the afternoon. 

“It’s not ideal but it looks like I learned that in life nothing can be ideal,” said Kubica to RaceFans. “We have what we have and I think still the team did the good job to bring and to build up the car in probably five times shorter time than normally should be. So we have to have big respect.

“But on the other hand we have to understand what happened because [we lost] in the end four days or three days.”

“Definitely we cannot talk [if] I did prepare something for Australia. I’m in the same situation as I was one month ago, three months ago. So this week it was more about getting something done for the team which was a big challenge to bring the car first and now we are here it’s more about preparing the car for next week.”

“It doesn’t feel like day four of testing,” he added, “it felt like day one. So I get the opportunity for 12 laps to get a feel of the car which is of course limiting. But at least most of the stuff we achieved, not all, it wasn’t an easy morning.”

Williams got some good testing done today and will look to build on today's performance. 

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