Honda learning from "trial and error"

08-02-2019 19:39
by Adam Newton
Honda learning from trial and error

Red Bull will certainly be hoping that 2019 is the year Honda can finally deliver, and many fans of the sport will hope so too, so Red Bull can compete on the same level as Mercedes and Ferrari.

Whilst it seems a strange move from Red Bull, it was their only real option for 2019, with patience running out with Renault and Mercedes or Ferrari unlikely to allow them to use their engines.

Honda was the most sensible option, and the Japanese firm have been working hard to make their engine more competitive than it has been in the past.

Masashi Yamamoto, Honda’s motorsport boss, said: "The reason we could progress is that we have chosen good people from the racing development side and brought them to the F1 team, [and] the matured quality of our factory.

"The biggest thing is for sure the learning from the past three years.

"We did so much trial and error and we studied a lot from that. From that we can have some steps forward, and that can be connected to next year."

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