Brendon Hartley reveals what he is doing this year

07-02-2019 18:01
by Louis Shaw
Brendon Hartley reveals what he is doing this year

Brendon Hartley has taken to Instagram to tell his followers what his plans for the next year are. 

In his post, Hartley mentions that he will be racing in the next two rounds of the WEC with the team SMP Racing. 

He also confirms that he will be 'assisting' Ferrari as a simulator driver for the 2019 season and that he is still involved with Porsche as part of their FE development. 

Many will be pleased to see Hartley have many opportunities within motor racing after the way he was cut out of Formula 1. 

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Will Hartley return to Formula 1 in the future?

(37 votes)
F1Fans +88 07-02-2019 19:05
I'm glad he's found stuff to do. Wasn't right how he was treated
DeeAnnCA +1 08-02-2019 07:23
I think Hartley got a raw deal from Red Bull/Dr. Marko. I hope that he will soon return to his successful ways and make Dr. Marko’s move look like the knee jerk that is was...

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