Renault's brand-new car design bar one component

28-01-2019 17:22
by Bobby Vincent
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Renault's brand-new car design bar one component

Renault's 2019 car will include an all-new design apart from one component which is being brought over from its predecessor.

This is according to Renault technical chief, Marcin Budkowski, who spoke to Autosport about the 2019 car.

The French team are making some bold steps in order to try and break out of the midfielder and into the 'top three' of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

"The only thing we carried over from last year's car is the power steering," Budkowski revealed. "All the rest is changing, and it is changing because we are trying to squeeze more performance from every area."

Budkowski admitted that the changes and the level of alterations being made may be seen as a "risk", but it's something the French manufacturer has to do in order to progress in Formula 1.

"It's a big effort to do everything from scratch, plus the (new) regulations, but it is a performance goal," Renault's technical chief added. "The later you leave it, the more performance you have, but the more stressful it is to get it out on time.

"It's tight. Very tight (deadlines). But it is always tight. If it wasn't tight, you would be wrong, because by definition, you leave everything as late as possible to try to get as much performance as you can before you commit to manufacturing the parts and getting them onto the car.

"We have left it late, but hopefully it is for the right reasons in terms of performance and we will get a car just in time for the first test and the launch. That is how it should be."

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