Villeneuve recommends parents to "tell kids to do something else" and not race

16-01-2019 14:54
by Matt Gretton
Villeneuve recommends parents to tell kids to do something else and not race

Jacques Villeneuve launched a new young driver programme yesterday but admitted he asks parents to "tell kids to do something else" because of the financial pressures in the sport.

The 1997 world champion admits he hates to say it, but would rather not lie. His new programme titled 'Feed Racing' copies a similar style to the academy named 'Volant Elf' which identified and produced great drivers in the 80s and 90s.

"I have the impression today that the financial contribution is more important than talent," Villeneuve explained as he told Canada's Le Journal de Montreal.

"It's a bit unrealistic for a kid to hope for a career as a driver. I've been in the paddocks for a number of years now and I see how it's going and I've really taken notice, perhaps because I have kids too."

"Often, parents come to me and ask 'What should I do to help my son?' and my first response now is 'Tell him to do something else'. It's an awful answer but I'm not able to lie."

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