Ricciardo's performance did not show the 'true picture'

11-01-2019 15:53
by Louis Shaw
Ricciardo's performance did not show the 'true picture'

Daniel Ricciardo has said that the difference in results between him and Max Verstappen doesn't show the “true picture."

Daniel Ricciardo struggled for form this season but believes that his results were not accurate in showing what really happened. 

“I am happy with how I’ve been this year and I certainly feel that the points and the qualifying tally don’t show the true picture,” he told Motorsport.com.

“I don’t want to take the credit away from Max because he is getting better every year and he’s a top-level driver. There is no doubt that he is extremely fast and he’s not easy to beat on any day.”

The Aussie went on to say, “Even on those days where he has out-qualified me, I’ve still been comfortable with that and most of the time I’ve understood why,”

“Sometimes I’ve taken my hat off and said that it was just a bloody good lap, but there have been other times, where there have been some issues and I’ve had some little things which haven’t quite gone my way.”

Ricciardo has mentioned before that the fact that he knew he was leaving Red Bull so early in the season impacted his performance. 

“Long story short, I’m still comfortable with the year I’ve had.

“I’m happier than what the statistics show, let’s say that!” 

Ricciardo has moved to Renault and will hope that his statistics improve for the 2019 season. 

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