Grosjean: Renault "should be scared" of Haas

09-01-2019 13:10
by Matt Gretton
Grosjean: Renault should be scared of Haas

Romain Grosjean reckons Renault should be worried and concerned about rivals Haas in the future. The two teams fought a season-long battle for fourth place in 2018 with the French team emerging on top by 29 points in Abu Dhabi.

As well as on-track battles, Renault and Haas supplied some drama elsewhere. Because of a Renault protest, Grosjean was disqualified from the Italian Grand Prix after a problem with his floor. He lost his sixth place and therefore eight points.

Grosjean spoke to about the protest and the developing rivalry between the two teams.

"I don't think it is a great sportsmanship move. But yes, we were scaring them, which is good. They should be for the future," Grosjean said.

Haas was arguably the most improved team in 2018, leaping up the constructors' championship. To continue the upward curve, Grosjean insists the team must improve manufacturing speeds to ensure all parts arrive on-time and upgrades get more time on the track.

"There are a few things. One example is that we don't produce parts, so we need to manufacture them outside and sometimes it takes a bit too long," he added.

"That is one example that I can give out of few, but that is one. When it would take three days [for them], to our team to do it maybe takes three weeks.

"Like the floor, we didn't have the time to change it for Monza, that was the only thing. The performance gain is zero. Absolutely zero, zero, but we just didn't have the time to do it for Monza, and Renault played on it."

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