Todt on Schumacher development

04-01-2019 12:50
by Joseph Tyrrell
Todt on Schumacher development

Jean Todt believes European Formula 3 champion Mick Schumacher “has the numbers to get to F1”.

Todt, who is a close friend of the Schumacher family believes Schumacher Jr has started on his own journey following his fathers seven F1 World Championships.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport Todt said: “He started running in the karts followed by his father, then he built his own destiny.

"It is not easy because there is a huge expectation on him with the surname he carries.

"In F3 he did not start well, then he did a second half of the exceptional season and deservedly won a difficult championship."

Following his F3 title Schumacher will step up to F2 BUT Todt distanced himself from his progress.

“Now he has decided to go up in class, it has to go on step by step.

"I wish it the greatest success, but then it will be up to those who want to take it forward, this is no longer my responsibility.”

Todt did, however, admit Mick’s objective is to race in F1: “Without a doubt, it points to Formula 1, but he knows that the road is still long.

“But he has the numbers to get there." Concluded Todt.

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