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Mercedes hires private investigators for mail Hamilton

Mercedes: 'Sabotage email was sent by random Hamilton fan'

25 June at 14:30
  • Nicole Mulder

Mercedes have taken matters into its own hands regarding the investigation into the anonymous email claiming that Lewis Hamilton is being sabotaged within the Formula 1 team. The team led by Toto Wolff has called in private investigators to find out who sent the e-mail.

'Mercedes hire private investigators'

Mercedes were told by police that no offences were committed by sending the controversial email, which claimed that Hamilton was sabotaged as a result of Toto Wolff's vindictiveness. However, the team are not leaving it at that and has hired private investigators to look into the matter, according to Daily Mail.

Although no offences have been committed according to Northamptonshire police, the Formula One team would have been advised to contact them if more such emails were received. A Mercedes spokesperson reportedly told the British newspaper that the team suspects the email was sent by a "random Hamilton fan".

The e-mail accused Wolff of 'vindictiveness' and claimed that the Austrian is 'doing everything he can to get back at Hamilton' because the seven-time world champion chose to leave Mercedes for Ferrari. Wolff reacted furiously to the email, saying he was sure the message did not come from within their own organisation. The Mercedes team principal claimed to have "zero respect" for conspiracy theorists.