Verstappen leaves indelible impression: 'Who can stop this man?'

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Marc Surer impressed with Verstappen and critical of Norris
25 June at 15:00
  • Cas van de Kleut

Lando Norris failed to beat Max Verstappen in Spain, even though it seemed the McLaren was the faster car. Former Formula 1 driver Marc Surer therefore argues to that, in his opinion, the Briton should have taken victory.

So Verstappen eventually ran away with victory, but Norris was faster during the race. The Briton was stuck behind George Russell in the opening stages, allowing the three-time world champion to drive away from the one-time race winner. The McLaren driver then opted for an alternative strategy, waiting longer to make a pit stop. In the end, this was to no avail, despite being a lot faster than the Dutchman.

'Who can stop Verstappen?'

Surer was hugely impressed with Verstappen after the Spanish Grand Prix. The former Formula One driver says: "Who can stop this man? When it really matters, he is there and he doesn't let himself get nervous about Lando's pursuit of first place."

Criticism of Norris after Verstappen win

It looked like Norris had the fastest car, yet he was beaten by Verstappen. Surer is therefore less impressed with the McLaren driver's performance: "If you have the fastest car, you should win."

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.