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Verstappen argues Red Bull Racing must improve at Austrian GP

Verstappen needs to improve: 'Were in right place at right time every time'

25 June at 11:00
  • Cas van de Kleut

Max Verstappen will be in full battle for victory at his team's, Red Bull Racing, home circuit this coming weekend. Already five times before, the Dutchman has managed to win the race at the Red Bull Ring. However, he does not think that statistic necessarily works in his favour, he told reporters after the Spanish Grand Prix.

Verstappen record holder GP Austria

Verstappen first won in Austria in 2018, followed by another win in 2019. With two wins at the circuit in 2021 and one more win in 2023, the tally now stands at five. This even makes the championship leader the record holder when it comes to most wins at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Yet Red Bull has been struggling more recently than in the past year and a half. McLaren suddenly seems to have the fastest car. It was a close battle between Verstappen and Lando Norris on Sunday, which saw the Dutchman win. 

Verstappen thinks he needs to do better in Austria

Verstappen therefore thinks his past at the Red Bull Ring is not going to help him: "If you look at the records, they don't mean anything at that circuit. You have to have a good car, a strong car, to keep the performance high. At the moment, we just need to find that little bit extra to win in a comfortable way. I think if you look at our last few wins, it was more about being in the right place at the right time. Then it was about making the right decisions and being very strong as a team."

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.