Zak Brown has presented "a five-year plan to start winning races" at McLaren

26-12-2018 10:10
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Zak Brown has presented a five-year plan to start winning races at McLaren

Zak Brown, the CEO of all F1 activities at McLaren has revealed he's presented a five-year plan to the team to start winning races again, as the American realises the team is nowhere near that level as of now.

McLaren did gain several places in the constructors' championship in 2018 compared to last year, as they finished sixth compared to ninth in 2017, but the form later-on in the season hasn't been encouraging, to say the least. Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne rarely got out of Q1 in qualifying and points were an oddity, whereas they started the seasons with both cars comfortably in the points.

With Brown now at the helm, McLaren should be starting a road to recovery, as he now revealed how he intends to carve his way up the grid again.

“I have presented a five-year plan and within that plan, we think we have a journey to get back to winning races, and then once you’re winning races, you’re competing for the championship," the American explained to Racer.

“I think it’s critical that Liberty makes changes to the sport because right now, the way the sport is going, it’s difficult for more than two or three teams to compete for the championship, so I think there are things that are out of our control, but hopefully we can influence that need to change for multiple teams to be able to win races and compete for the championship.

“We have laid out a journey and investment, a road to recovery that sees us getting back to the front of the grid in that timeline.”

In his years at McLaren, Brown hasn't exactly lit the world in F1 on fire with his accomplishments, but he does have the full backing of all of the team's investors. However, he does realize that he has to show the investors signs of progress.

“I think from a time standpoint, clearly we need to show progress. The shareholders are extremely committed. We’re hiring, so they’re investing in the racing team, and I think anyone who invests wants to see a return and progress.

“So there’s not a specific timetable in that X has to be achieved by Y date. I think what they want to see as we all want to see is us moving forward, but there’s no specific timeline on that,” the American concluded.

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