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Verstappen's performance acclaimed by media: 'because of his qualities'

24 June at 08:05
Last update 24 June at 08:17
  • Ludo van Denderen

Max Verstappen didn't have the fastest car on the grid in Canada. The Dutchman still managed to take victory in the Spanish Grand Prix, holding off a charging Lando Norris in the faster McLaren. International media once again admired Verstappen's victory as he held off Norris on another occasion where Red Bull didn't reign supreme.

Gazzetta dello Sport

Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport rated Verstappen's performance a 10. The newspaper stated that Verstappen won when Red Bull had a rocket at its disposal and continues to win now that Red Bull doesn't have an advantage over others on the grid. "That is because of his qualities. The overtake on Norris at the start and the one on Russell paved the way for him. Great tyre management did the rest. Max the Robot wins his seventh race in 10 GPs."

The Gazzetta gave Norris a 7.5 for his performance, lower than Lewis Hamilton (9) and George Russell (8): "He forfeits the pole advantage and is forced to chase from there. Moreover, McLaren does not shine in terms of strategy. Disappointment for them as it was in Imola and Canada."

The Daily Mail

The British newspaper, The Daily Mail, expressed particular hope that Lando Norris will at some point compete with Verstappen for the world title. "One day Lando Norris and McLaren will get it 100 per cent right instead of 98 and 99 per cent right, and a fight for the world championship will erupt," said the newspaper. "He learnt, as if that was actually still necessary, that if you are determined to win the title, you should not give Verstappen the slightest space. The Dutchman is too good for that, and he proved that again."


"Holland beats England - the underdog!" headlined the German Bild: The newspaper wondered if anyone could hold Verstappen off from his fourth world title this season, even in a Red Bull that is no longer as dominant as before. "Verstappen triumphs - but Red Bull cannot be satisfied. The new parts (new rear wing, new bonnet, modified underside) did not work," said the outlet. "Verstappen races to victory. It's no triumph for Red Bull. A triumph for Max Verstappen."

Het Laatste Nieuws

Belgium's Het Laatste Nieuws saw Max Verstappen give another masterclass in Barcelona: 'How to win the race without the fastest car' is its title, referring to the fact that Lando Norris seemed to have the better car with the McLaren. "Against someone like Max Verstappen, who now combines his talent with a lot of experience and routine, you cannot put a foot wrong. Not even a millimetre. Because Verstappen punishes it all mercilessly. Or rather: he masters the art of executing it all perfectly. Attacking, passing, tearing or controlling top times and saving tyres: Max did it all at the right time, in Barcelona. Not a second too early, not a second too late."