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Mercedes-Benz CEO flirts with Verstappen

After Wolff, Mercedes-Benz CEO flirts with Verstappen: 'Would look good'

23 June at 21:05

Ola Kallenius, Mercedes-Benz CEO, made a remarkable statement ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix. The remark revealed that Toto Wolff is not the only key member who is keen for Max Verstappen to come and drive for Mercedes.

Toto Wolff being a big fan of Max Verstappen is no secret by now. At the beginning of the year, Wolff named the Red Bull Racing driver his number-one candidate to succeed Lewis Hamilton. Meanwhile, attention seems to have shifted to Andrea Kimi Antonelli, although Wolff is still keeping the door open.

Mercedes seem fond of Verstappen

Meanwhile, where after so many questions, Wolff kept it shorter and shorter when asked about Verstappen, Kallenius himself grabbed the microphone. The Mercedes top man grabbed the Sky Germany microphone before the start of the race and said of Verstappen: "He would also look good in silver right?"

Despite the ever-improving Mercedes, Verstappen is not going to Mercedes anytime soon. GPblog previously learned that Verstappen will simply stay with Red Bull Racing in 2025, but options for 2026 are still open. Mercedes will then have at least one driver with an expiring contract, George Russell, and will also take into account Verstappen's possible arrival when appointing Hamilton's replacement.