Horner sighs after Wolff speaks about Verstappen: 'Is he still doing that?'

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Horner gives clarity on Verstappen's future
23 June at 20:40

Toto Wolff is still keen to keep the door open for Max Verstappen, although Christian Horner thinks the Mercedes team boss has little chance. Horner also seemed somewhat bothered by the questions that kept coming.

"No driver decision has been made [aside from Russell]. I said we want to keep this decision as long as possible because who knows? Who knows what happens," Toto Wolff hinted yet again in a press event after the Spanish Grand Prix. Wolff has not yet given up hope on Verstappen, although he said there have been no talks with Verstappen.

What does Horner have to say about Wolff?

GPblog previously reported that Verstappen wants to stay at Red Bull Racing in 2025. Despite the turmoil behind the scenes, Red Bull still has the best papers to help Verstappen to the world title in 2025. Horner, too, is not worried about a possible switch for his driver.

"I'm clear where Max is next year, that's here (at Red Bull Racing). Is Toto still talking?" When people around him confirmed that Wolff had been asked about this, Horner asked: "And what did he say?" Horner was explained what Wolff had said, after which Horner concluded with a sigh: "So they're talking but they're not talking? No. Okay."

Verstappen still has a contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028, although it is an open secret that Verstappen could get out of that contract earlier due to various clauses. However, 2026 seems the best time for a switch, when the new regulations take effect, and Mercedes may have better papers than Red Bull Racing. However, that choice has not yet been made.