Toto Wolff responds to Russell's X-rated radio message directed at Hamilton

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Wolff on rivalry between Hamilton and Russell at Mercedes

Toto Wolff has no concerns about the relationship between his Mercedes drivers. He's glad George Russell and Lewis Hamilton are not holding back. This comes after Russell sent an X-rated message to Lewis Hamilton over the team radio in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix

Russell expressed his frustrations with Hamilton during the heat of the moment in qualifying. In the end, both Mercedes drivers beat Ferrari but missed out on the front row of the grid. 

Russell said on the radio, "What the f*** was Lewis doing prepping that lap?" Russell's engineer told the driver to get his head back in the game and that Mercedes would discuss what happened after the session. Hamilton beat his teammate in qualifying for the first time since the Japanese Grand Prix.

Russell explained his outburst after qualifying. "I think we both had our eyes on the same driver for a slipstream opening the lap, so I was just focusing my mirrors so as not to impede, and then I looked up, and Lewis was right in front of me, trying to take the tow from Ocon. In the moment, when you're trying to give it everything, you're a bit hot-headed," he said.

Russell responds to the X-rated message

After the Spanish GP which saw Hamilton claim his first podium, Wolff gave his thoughts on Saturday's radio message and the overall relationship between the two British drivers.

"There will always be a rivalry between the two drivers, especially when the car becomes capable to win. But the two are respectful with each other. We are transparent in the team. That's a lesson that I've learned and I think it's important that we're not holding back or not letting anything grow in terms of animosity. It’s business as usual," Wolff said.