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Sainz unhappy with Hamilton and the stewards in Spain

Sainz questions stewards after Hamilton's move: 'Not a normal call'

23 June at 18:09

Carlos Sainz has left his home Grand Prix feeling unhappy with Lewis Hamilton and has questioned the consistency of the rules applied in Formula 1. Sainz felt that Hamilton should've been investigated for the overtake the Brit made in the first half of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Hamilton, who will replace Sainz at Ferrari in the 2025 season, tried to overtake Sainz at turn one. The Brit successfully made the move to take sixth-place and he eventually went on to secure his first podium of the season. 

Why Sainz is unhappy with Hamilton

The stewards noted the incident on lap 19 but decided not to investigate further. Sainz reacted sharply on the radio, questioning why there's a rulebook in Formula 1 if it is not followed. Sainz continued to express his displeasure with the decision after the race.

"I felt like he ran me off the track. I was half a car length ahead. And normally, the rule this year says that if you're ahead around the outside, they need to give you space if you have half a car ahead. So, that's normally what the stewards have ruled this year," Sainz said.

"I was trying to benefit from that rule because that's how they've ruled up until now. I’m not saying he was racing hard or not hard - just trying to apply the rule that the stewards have applied all season."

Sainz finished the race in sixth place, behind his teammate. In a separate incident, Sainz and Charles Leclerc were also unhappy with each other.