Leclerc not happy with Sainz: 'Think he wanted to do something spectacular'

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charles leclerc not happy with sainz after Spanish Grand Prix
23 June at 17:37
  • Corwin Kunst

Footage circulating on the internet shows Charles Leclerc paying Carlos Sainz a visit immediately after the end of the Spanish Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver was definitely not happy with the Spaniard's action in the opening phase of the race at the circuit in Spain. Leclerc then also expressed criticism of Sainz in an interview.

What exactly happened? Sainz benefited from Leclerc's slipstream at the end of the second lap and then tried to pass his teammate on the outside. The Monegasque himself was on the inside and brief contact followed. It earned Leclerc - by his own admission - damage to his front wing. Sainz went off the track then got back on the racing line in front of Leclerc.

Leclerc accused Sainz of wanting to do "something spectacular" because it is his home race and because he has yet to earn a seat for next year. "We had a clear strategy at the beginning of the race with both to save tyres to attack later on. Carlos didn't do any saving in Turn 14 and of course had an opportunity to overtake me in Turn 1, which is a bit of a shame because we lost time between us," Leclerc said.

Leclerc not happy

The world championship number three continued his story as quoted by Autosport. "I damaged my front wing because of Carlos making the turn and not seeing I was inside and that made our race more difficult. I didn't understand the point of doing that when it was clearly stated before the race that we had to save in this part of the race," Leclerc said, calling it "unnecessary".

"I also understand that it's his home race and it's also an important moment of his career so I guess he wanted to do something a bit spectacular. But I probably wasn't the right person to do that with."