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lando norris not happy with boos towards verstappen

Norris denounces boos towards Verstappen: 'Is not okay'

23 June at 17:10
  • Corwin Kunst

Max Verstappen keeps on winning in Formula 1, even if Red Bull are not as dominant as they were last year. The Dutchman regularly faces boos at podium ceremonies, or he is targeted on social media. Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton were asked about it in the press conference.

Is there is an occasional lack of appreciation of Max's performance among the general public? "It's never a nice thing, honestly. People are always going to boo, I think, no matter what. You have it in every sport. You support people and you don't support other people. I think it's happened in sports for years and years and years," Norris said after the Spanish Grand Prix in which he himself crossed the finish line in second place.

Is F1 less exciting because of Verstappen?

The McLaren driver understands that the top class of motorsport has not been as exciting for a while as perhaps it should be. "Max is winning every race. People are not going to like that, and it definitely makes the sport less exciting, but that's just because he's doing a good job. So there's a fine line. I think everyone within the sport appreciates it and respects it. You have to, and I think everyone does, but people who don't know the most about motorsport are probably not going to be able to appreciate it as much because they don't know what really goes into it and what it takes to be in a position and do what he's doing. So, I don't know. You're always going to have boos."

Norris believes that boos will always remain, even in Formula 1. However, that does not mean he approves. "I don't think that's okay. I think people appreciate what Max has done. I think people maybe should appreciate more, but every driver's going to get boos at some point."

Hamilton keeps a low profile

Lewis Hamilton responded. "I'm not really on social media a lot or reading the news. On the race weekends, he always has a huge crowd, always, so he's always got amazing support, and at the end of the day, he does a fantastic job. Every weekend, he delivers, and he's got a great team and, obviously, a great car... you can't fault him."