Norris balks after defeat to Verstappen: 'We should have won, we were quicker'

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Norris balks after defeat against Verstappen in Spain GP
23 June at 16:02
  • Nicole Mulder

Lando Norris was disappointed after finishing second in the Spanish Grand Prix. Max Verstappen managed to beat the British driver in Barcelona, and Norris is anything but satisfied with his own performance.

Norris balks after defeat to Verstappen

Shortly after the finish, his race engineer congratulated him on his second-place finish, but Norris wanted no part of it. "It doesn't matter really, does it? I should've won, I f***ed up the start. Car was amazing, well done. Deserved more," he replied on board radio.

In the post-race interview with David Coulthard, Norris said more about his race. "Not could, should've won," is Norris' verdict. "I got a bad start. The car was incredible. We were the quickest for sure. I just lost it in the beginning. Disappointed, a lot of positives, one negative but that ruined everything. I'll work on it for next time," the Briton added in Barcelona.

"Thanks to the team because the car was amazing. I need to review it, I don't know what I did wrong. It was only a little bit too Max and I lost. George was on the outside and had me over. A shame we lost it. I need to tidy up a few little bits and we'll be on top," Norris concluded decisively.