Norris makes frustrating discovery: 'Verstappen doesn't make mistakes'

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Norris praises faultless Verstappen after Spanish Grand Prix

Max Verstappen kept his cool from first position. The Dutchman managed to create gaps with Lando Norris after start and pit stops, which were ultimately unbridgeable for the McLaren driver. The Briton, therefore, praised the three-time world champion.

Norris needed to bridge a big gap towards Verstappen to still be in contention for victory. After the first pit stops, the Briton had better tyres, making him a lot faster. After the second pit stop, however, the gap between the two was already bigger again. As a result, Verstappen was too far ahead, and second place was the maximum result for the McLaren driver.

Norris frustrated at flawless Verstappen

Norris said after the race: "Max is not making any mistakes really so I think as soon as you make one little mistake they're going to be ahead. Yesterday they probably had a slightly quicker car, in my opinion which could be wrong. Today we had a quicker car "

The Briton continued: "Every track is a bit different, we've seen Red Bull struggle a little bit more a few races ago. I think we're still proving to be one of the most consistent teams at every track that we've been to. It's a little bit up and down and I think we just need to stay doing what we're doing because it's good enough for the time being. We're just trying to eliminate a couple of those small little mistakes."