Norris can't believe Verstappen: 'Is a reprimand all he got?

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Verstappen can hardly believe Verstappen when he hears penalty
22 June at 20:30

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris find it ridiculous that Charles Leclerc got away with a reprimand. After qualifying, the two were talking to each other, and the camera picked up harsh words about Leclerc.

"It's quite crazy he got a reprimand," Verstappen can be heard telling Norris after qualifying. It is about the moment between Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc in the third free practice. Leclerc drove into Norris for getting in his way during a fast lap.

What Norris had to say on his collision with Leclerc

Norris was clearly not yet aware of the penalty, as was clear from his reaction: "Is that what he got?" asks Norris with shock on his face. Verstappen then confirmed that Leclerc had indeed 'only received a reprimand'. "My whole front wing was f*****," Norris then said, visibly irritated. Verstappen didn't understand much of it either, calling it 'crazy'.

Leclerc, incidentally, was not the only one to get away with such an action. Just before Leclerc, Lance Stroll had pulled a similar action on Lewis Hamilton. Although that action was at lower speed, Stroll also got away with a reprimand.