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Damon Hill slams Leclerc after FP3 incident with Norris

Hill slams Leclerc after his FP3 incident with Norris: 'Unprofessional'

22 June at 12:52
Last update 22 June at 13:14
  • Toby Nixon

A steady FP3 ended shockingly. After Lance Stroll made what appeared to be intentional contact with Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc appeared to turn into the front wing of Lando Norris after he felt he was impeded by the McLaren driver. The Monegasque's rash decision might land him a grid penalty, as he now has to see the stewards. 

Leclerc's decsion questioned

Speaking about the incident after FP3, 1996 F1 world champion Damon Hill said that he didn't understand Leclerc's immature choice on Sky Sports. "I understand we're being close, it's fantastic. We've got a fantastic potential qualifying session, a very, very tight session coming up," said Hill. The former Williams driver continued: "They sense their opportunity, maybe Red Bull isn't in the hunt as much as they want to be as well. But why do you want to drive into someone to vent your anger? It's unprofessional. I don't understand what's going on," concluded Hill.

Former F1 driver and Sky Sports pundit Karun Chandhok branded the incident as 'road rage'. Chandhok was shocked by the clumsy incident. "I don't understand what Leclerc's done there, there's a load of space on the right. he's going to get a penalty for that." Charles Leclerc will now discuss the incident with the stewards. 

Watch the clash between Leclerc and Norris here: