Bizarre contact between Stroll and Hamilton in FP3

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bizarre action stroll where he runs into hamilton in FP3
22 June at 12:37
Last update 22 June at 12:40
  • Wouter Bos

A bizarre situation in the third free practice session of the Spanish Grand Prix. Lance Stroll is hindered by Lewis Hamilton, Hamilton apologises but what happens next is unheard of.

In the final stages of the session, Stroll is on a fast lap. Lewis Hamilton accidentally blocks him and says to his team, "I didn't see him, that's my fault." The Briton raises his hand and gives Stroll space, but for the Canadian that is not enough. He drives, at slow speed but on purpose, into the Mercedes' sidepod. Much to the confusion of many viewers.

Stroll in trouble again?

This is not the first time Stroll has misbehaved this weekend. Earlier this weekend, he had to report to the stewards after failing to show up at a fan event. Something mandatory. The team received a warning for that. Now, he will see the stewards again.