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Horner gives update on broken engine for Verstappen

Can Verstappen write off an engine? Horner gives update on Honda engine

19 June at 18:30
  • Nicole Mulder

Max Verstappen's RB20 was fitted with a new Honda engine for the Canadian Grand Prix but failed during the second free practice session. After this, the Dutchman had to revert to an old power source. Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner says Honda is currently busy investigating the resulting problem.

Horner gives update on Verstappen's broken engine

For Verstappen, FP2 at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve ended early due to engine problems. It was initially believed that the Dutchman was using a new engine, but Helmut Marko indicated that it was an old powerplant. This was contradicted moments later by the Austrian team. It turned out Verstappen was using a new engine, after all.

It was said to have been problems with Verstappen's new MGU-H, which meant the entire engine was replaced with an older one as a precaution. So, possibly Red Bull does not have to throw away the whole engine. Honda will decide whether or not there is anything from the new engine which is salvageable.

"Everything has gone back to Japan. There, our colleagues at Honda will check everything and make a report, after which we will get the feedback in the next few weeks," Horner said. So, whether or not Verstappen's 'new' engine can still be used remains to be seen. The Dutchman may be forced into a grid penalty later on down the line this year.