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schumacher thinks verstappen would have won with mercedes in canada

Schumacher expects Verstappen win in Spain: 'Won't be a problem'

18 June at 09:00
Last update 18 June at 09:03
  • Ludo van Denderen

Ralf Schumacher is certain: the upcoming Grand Prix in Spain will be a piece of cake for Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen. The characteristics of the track are such that, according to the German, 'the best concept' is going to win and, in his eyes, Red Bull has it, he says in conversation with German Sky Sports.

At the circuit near the Spanish city, the car's every weaknesses usually surfaces. Schumacher assumes Ferrari are going to have tyre wear problems at the Circuit de Catalunya, while he expects McLaren to compete at the front as an "all-rounder". Still, the former F1 driver and current analyst says: "This is a track that is not a problem for Red Bull."

A question mark for Schumacher is how will Mercedes fare in Spain? In Canada, the Germans grabbed pole and George Russell finished third in the Grand Prix. Is a repeat possible? "I suspect not quite, because the power of the engine cannot be utilised here as it was in Canada. I do hope the upward trend continues."

'Mercedes need Verstappen'

Indeed, Schumacher has seen that Mercedes is developing quite a bit and at least competing for the win in Montreal. Russell failed to reel it in. "Max Verstappen would have won the race in Canada in a Mercedes - there is no doubt about that," says Ralf Schumacher.

"Mercedes has been dry for a long time and urgently needs a world champion to get back on track. Verstappen is a man who comes across as very conservative, pleasant and sporting. So I could imagine that Toto Wolff and Mercedes could do a lot with him and do a lot for him," said Michael Schumacher's brother.