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Verstappen praises Alonso and his career

Verstappen praises Formula One legend: 'A lot of respect for him'

17 June at 17:30
  • Estéban den Toom

As a young boy, Max Verstappen often watched Fernando Alonso's racing with admiration. At the age of 17, the Dutchman entered Formula 1, but by then Alonso was already 33 years old. The (now) three-time world champion pays great compliments to the Spanish driver who became world champion in 2005 and 2006.

Verstappen admires Alonso

"I think Fernando always shows himself as he is, which is something I admire a lot. Despite the success he has had, he is still a normal, nice guy. He was also the first Spaniard to be successful in Formula 1 and become world champion. I have a lot of respect for him," Verstappen explained in an interview with DAZN.

Even when the Red Bull driver was young, he watched him before he was active in Formula 1. " I remember following him when I was training in karting, he was a driver worth turning on the television for," Verstappen said. Alonso, at 42, is still active in Formula 1. The Aston Martin driver even had some advice in store for the Dutchman.

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy