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Frans Verschuur on Sergio Perez's performance in 2024

Heat on Perez's contract increases: 'Get rid of the guy!'

17 June at 13:00
Last update 17 June at 13:10
  • Sandy van Wijngaarden

Sergio Perez's contract extension at Red Bull Racing has caused a lot of commotion. Frans Verschuur is always cold-hearted and now, he has also been honest about Perez. For instance, he states that the new deal is incomprehensible and discusses the amount of damage the Mexican has caused this season.

In the Ziggo Sport Race Café, after the Canadian Grand Prix, in which Perez was eventually unable to finish the race due to a crash, the Mexican's contract extension was again the topic of conversation. Former driver Frans Verschuur is adamant about Perez.

Verschuur is completely finished with Perez

''Incomprehensible that that man was given a two-year contract. This is really true. He causes so much damage, he doesn't bring in that much. He makes no points for the constructors' championship, so that is also a drama. Max has to go it alone. He was so lucky that Ferrari both crashed out, so he got his maximum points from that. But I don't understand any of it. Put Yuki in. Swap those two,'' Verschuur echoed.

Verschuur knows Jos Verstappen well. Among other things, the two have competed together in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. ''Jos who doesn't say anything about that either. They don't give a damn who is wrong,'' the Dutchman says. According to Verstappen, losing the constructors' title is not that important. ''Of course, he still has the resources around him. He is already afraid of the turmoil that is in the team. They may have done that to get the calm back to put Perez in, but I don't think it's a good story at all. Get rid of that bloke!''

Also discussed is the list of the amount of damage per driver for this season. Sergio Perez tops this with 2.7 million euros in damages. ''Yet again that pancake. He's first again of course,'' says Verschuur. On the damage in Monaco caused by the crash with Kevin Magnussen, Perez is said not to have been able to do very much about it. Asked if the Mexican could do much about the amount of damage, Verschuur said: ''A lot. By not driving.''

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.