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Zak Brown says Ferrari are going to be 'dangerous' for the rest of 2024

Brown says this team are going to be 'dangerous' for the rest of 2024

14 June at 11:30
Last update 14 June at 11:49

McLaren are slowly closing the gap on Red Bull in the Constructors' Championship. Since Lando Norris' victory at the Miami Grand Prix, no one has outscored the papaya-coloured team. The Brit then pushed Verstappen to the wire in Imola, Oscar Piastri took a fantastic P2 on the streets of Monaco, and Norris again almost took victory in Canada, highlighting how both drivers are constantly scoring good points. As a result, McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes that his two drivers make up the best driver lineup on the grid in Formula 1.

It's been a huge turnaround for McLaren since the 2023 British Grand Prix. Before that race at Silverstone last year, points-paid finishes are a real struggle, but now they are constantly fighting for podiums after new upgrades gave them a huge boost of pace.

Brown hails a "tremendous amount of stability" at McLaren

Speaking on Bloomberg's Hot Pursuit! podcast, Brown was extremely positive about the progress that has been made at McLaren since those updates came in, and he believes that his team are working very well together in 2024.

"I think we've got a tremendous amount of stability, energy, and momentum," said the American. "I think we've got the best driver lineup on the grid of a combination of experience, youth and longevity, so I think in any sport, stability, visibility, comradery, and teamwork are critically important, and I think we've got that going on."

But the CEO is not forgetting the rest of the competition, despite the positive results that McLaren have had over the last few months. "If I look at the teams on the grid, first of all, the grid has never been resurged, so I think it would be a big mistake to discount any of the teams. I think Ferrari have that going on like we [McLaren do]. Obviously, they have a driver change that they need to work through, and I think their team principal is doing an excellent job, so I look at Ferrari, and I go, 'Hm, they're going to be pretty dangerous.'

"I think Mercedes are impossible to count out," continued Brown. "But they are going through some transition. They don't yet know their driver lineup for next year, so I think they have a little bit of uncertainty. They are an unbelievable team, but that uncertainty makes it a little bit difficult."