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Ricciardo and Albon interact on instagram after canadian grand prix

Ricciardo jokes with Albon: 'Overtake me like that and we're done!'

14 June at 08:00
Last update 14 June at 08:48
  • Sandy van Wijngaarden

Alexander Albon had a very strong race before crashing out in Canada. In a stunning overtaking move, the Thai-British driver overtook both Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon. The former reacts on Instagram to a post by Albon.

With top speed being a key issue in Canada, it looked like it was going to be a good weekend for Williams. Albon therefore qualified in 10th place and a great race awaited him. The Williams driver was on course for points for a long time, until he was taken out in a crash by Carlos Sainz.

This marked the end of the race for the British-Thai. A moment from the race that was then much discussed was Albon's overtaking move at the chicane. With this double overtake, he passed Ricciardo and Ocon.

On Instagram, Albon posted a review of the weekend in Canada with the caption: 'Double overtaking and a free hoodie? Cheers @danielricciardo (for both)'. Ricciardo sharply returned to this post. Indeed, he responded: 'Anytime buddy. The clothing. The overtake, pull a stunt like that again and we’re done.'

Check out the Instagram post here

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