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giedo van der garde responds to war of words villeneuve and ricciardo

Villeneuve isn't alone on Ricciardo: 'That's just churlish'

13 June at 18:00
  • GPblog.com

On the weekend of the Canadian Grand Pris, Jacques Villeneuve was a one-time analyst on Sky Sports and the Formula 1 world knew it. With strong statements, the 1997 world champion kept the spotlight on himself for days. His main 'victim'? Daniel Ricciardo, the Visa Cas App RB driver who, according to Villeneuve, no longer belongs in Formula 1.

With the Sky microphone in hand, Villeneuve said, for example, "If you can't cut it go home. There's someone else to take your place. That's what's always been in racing. It's the pinnacle of the sport. There's no reason to keep going and to keep finding excuses. His image has kept him in F1 more than his actual result."

Ricciardo responded to the Canadian's statements not much later. For instance, the Australian wondered if Villeneuve might be banging his head a little too much? Ricciardo told Villenueve to 'eat sh**'. Perhaps Villeneuve's harsh words were the ultimate motivator, though, as Ricciardo drove an excellent qualifying and Grand Prix.

Van der Garde agrees with Villeneuve 'a bit right'

Thinking back to the verbal war, Giedo van der Garde has to laugh. In his podcast DRS: The Race Show, the former F1 driver says: "This is typical Jacques Villeneuve. He sometimes has statements that you think, 'oh'. Actually he's a bit right. but maybe you can tell it a bit differently. Actually just churlish," was Van der Garde's conclusion.