Has Carlos Sainz got a new contract at Williams for 2025?


Will Carlos Sainz go for Williams after all?
13 June at 11:00
  • Renate van Holst

Carlos Sainz does not yet have a seat confirmed for 2025. There was a lot of speculation that the Spaniard might go to Red Bull Racing or Mercedes. However, now that Sergio Perez has extended his contract at Red Bull, and Mercedes is looking at Kimi Antonelli, it seems like the three-time Grand Prix winner only has two options left.

A possible seat for Sainz?

Carlos Sainz was seen at the start of the season as a driver who would soon find a new home in the paddock. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, for instance, said Sainz is someone who will be watched carefully by Red Bull. The Spaniard has not yet managed to secure a seat and now only two options are left. Williams or Sauber, who become Audi in 2026.

According to Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, rumours are circulating about a contract at Williams for Sainz. It would be a four-year contract, with the option to leave after just two years. This would mean Sainz could leave the team after 2026.

Whether this contract actually exists is not yet certain, according to Auto Motor und Sport, it currently is just a rumour. It could mean, however, that Sainz has resigned himself to joining Williams or Sauber. This would be a big change for the driver, who had a successful spell at a top team in Ferrari where he took three victories. At Williams or Sauber, Sainz would instead be fighting for lower points-scoring positions in the near future.