Buxton wants tougher punishment for Perez and Red Bull: 'Singapore 2008!'

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Buxton wants tougher punishment for Red Bull and Perez after Canada
10 June at 19:30
  • Estéban den Toom

Sergio Perez has been penalised by the stewards for driving his broken RB20 across the track back to the pit box. Red Bull did not want Perez to get out, as that would have led to a safety car. That would have been very unfavourable for Verstappen, who was leading at the time. Will Buxton wants to see a heavier penalty for Perez and Red Bull.

"Personally I don’t think the repercussions for the team are anywhere near enough. The team have admitted they told Perez to knowingly break the rules and in so doing endanger other drivers (that’s why the rule exists) so as to avoid a safety car which they knew could lose them the win," Buxton said on X.

Crashgate scandal at Singapore Grand Prix 2008

The British Formula One analyst even compares Red Bull's action to Singapore 2008, better known as the Crashgate scandal. "Reverse the outcome of the reasoning and you have a team telling a driver to break the rules to create a safety car to help them win. It’s a few degrees of separation. One is a grid drop and a fine. The other is Singapore 08."

Red Bull honestly admitted the thinking to the stewards after the Grand Prix, which Buxton also found a bit strange. "Absolutely not saying it was deliberate. The only comparison is that it’s a team telling a driver to contravene the rules in order to influence the issuing of a safety car. Simply find it interesting Red Bull would admit their thinking on this so openly."