Horner subtly hints at new upgrades for Verstappen in Barcelona

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Horner on whether Red Bull will bring upgrades to Barcelona GP Spain
13 June at 14:00
  • Cas van de Kleut

Red Bull Racing, despite the difficulties they are experiencing with the car, have won the Canadian Grand Prix. In a fortnight, the following race will happen in Barcelona. Team principal Christian Horner hinted at upgrades for Spanish Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen has been praised in the international media for his performance in Canada. In a car in which he experienced difficulties, the Dutchman still drew the longest straw. And that too while the competition took a big step forward with upgrades.

Horner hints at upgrades in Spain

It is expected that many upgrades will be taken away in Spain. When asked if Red Bull is one of the teams that will bring new parts to that weekend, Horner replied, "It's all about iterations. And, of course, you have to look very carefully where you bring your upgrades in through the year."

The team prinicpal continued: "We're closer to the top of the curve, so you get into a law of diminishing returns. But there will be subtle upgrades over the summer months." When Horner was then asked if this is a confirmation that Red Bull will bring parts to Spain, he answered, "It's a possible yes."