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Argument between Steiner and Schumacher

Feud between Steiner and Ralf Schumacher: 'He wants to prevent a comeback'

7 June at 17:18
  • Tygo Bekkema

Former Haas team boss, Güenther Steiner, has not been directly involved in Formula 1 since this year. But that does not stop the eccentric Italian from still expressing his opinions frequently. These days, he does so in his role as a TV analyst for German RTL. Steiner has now come to blows with Ralf Schumacher as a result of some remarks about his nephew.

Steiner worked for a number of years with Mick Schumacher, Ralf's nephew, but he is relentless when responding to the story that Alpine may want to bring in Mick Schumacher for the Formula 1 team. The Italian advised the French racing team to choose "the best drivers". This remark went down the wrong track with the Schumachers.

Argument is not without consequences

Ralf Schumacher responded to Steiner's comments in an Instagram post. "I don't understand these senseless outbursts. I have the idea that Steiner wants to prevent a comeback from Mick. Because if that turns out to be successful, he will go through the dust." The mutual feud between Schumacher and Steiner is not without consequences. The RTL colleagues will no longer appear together on TV.

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.