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Marko considers switch to another team

Marko's attentions are focused on Verstappen for now

29 May at 10:30
Last update 29 May at 11:00
  • Renate van Holst

With all the turmoil at Red Bull Racing, the team seems to be having a tougher time. Helmut Marko is not even ruling out a possible switch to another team. His contract with the Austrian racing team expires after 2026.

Future at Red Bull not yet entirely certain

Marko's contract expires after the 2026 season. According to him, when the time is right, he will discuss with the team what his next step will be, both inside and outside the team. He does not rule out a possible move to another team. "But right now everything is focused on Red Bull and Max Verstappen," he told Austrian magazine OE24.

One reason Marko would like to leave Red Bull is because of the turmoil surrounding Christian Horner. Tension has been noticeable in the team since Christian Horner was accused of inappropriate behaviour. Horner has been cleared, but the tension rumbles on. An appeal is also ongoing. According to Marko, the unrest has not affected their driver Max Verstappen. "Max has taken a step back and focused on racing. He has done that very well," Marko says.

As far as Marko knows, the case between Horner and the female colleague has not yet been legally settled, but the Austrian does not think that is the most important thing right now. "That is something you have to put aside, especially in a situation where you are so challenged as a team and technically and everyone has to pull together."

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.