Can McLaren sustain a title fight? 'Don't have to rely on that now'

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Piastri confident McLaren could potentially win every race
29 May at 10:00
Last update 29 May at 10:08
  • Sophia Crothall

For the fourth consecutive race a McLaren driver could be found on the podium. This time, it was Oscar Piastri, who finished second in the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. With their strong performance this season, notably due to their upgrades, the Australian driver is confident the team has what it takes to potentially win regularly this season.

McLaren have seen great success since bringing their upgrades in Miami. For Piastri, he believes that the British team now has the potential to compete for wins at every race: "I think it's been three very different circuits in the past three races, and we've been competitive at all of them. Miami was probably one of our worst circuits before this year. Imola has always been kind to us, but we had a very strong weekend there, and our car's never been the strongest in the slow corners, and this weekend we've been very quick again. So I think we can be confident wherever we go."

Can McLaren sustain a title fight?

Currently, McLaren sit third in the Constructors championship, 68 points behind Ferrari, and 92 behind Red Bull. Nevertheless, Piastri is confident that the team no longer has to rely on a certain type of track to help them secure points: "I feel like we don't have to rely on the high-speed circuits like we did last year to get our results, which is a very exciting thing to have going forward."

This year's championship has already seen four different race winners from the three top teams. "I think the pecking order is as tight as it's ever been, especially this weekend. Going into qualifying, I think we thought that there could be any one of four teams on pole, which I don't think we've been able to say for a while. So, I think we can definitely be in the fight every weekend," the Australian added.