Indy 500 start in jepoardy? Storms may throw a spanner in the works

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Indy 500 possibly ravaged by severe weather and cancelled
26 May at 08:08
Last update 26 May at 08:19
  • Tygo Bekkema

It is highly doubtful whether the Indy 500 will start at the scheduled time. Stormy weather is coming and could throw a spanner in the works. The race is scheduled for 17:45 PM UK time, but whether it will actually start then remains to be seen.

Local weather stations report that two storms are heading towards the area around the world-famous oval track. The first storm is expected to descend around noon in Indianapolis. The local start time is set for 12:45pm. Therefore, the race will likely start later, judging by the weather forecast according to The Indianapolis Star.

After rain comes sunshine

Fortunately, a period of drought will follow after that, in all likelihood between 3 and 6 pm local time. In principle, this should be enough to finish the race, but if they are unable to keep running, after 101 of the prescribed 200 laps, the result can be made official. In the evening another storm is on the radar, which is expected to be slightly heavier.