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Verstappen knows what needs to be better about Formula One calendar

Verstappen thinks F1 calendar needs improvement: 'What are you trying to sell?'

21 May at 11:00
  • Estéban den Toom

Max Verstappen, in an interview with Bloomberg, outlined the areas for improvement for Formula 1 with regard to improving the sustainability of the sport. The reigning world champion sees F1 having to start making a choice between selling tickets, and the issue of sustainability.

A much-debated topic in Formula 1 is the sustainability of the sport. With more races than ever on the calendar of motorsport's royal class, the races are often split into continents, but this is not always the case, as the three races in the United States, for example, are not in one period. Verstappen sees this as an area for improvement for Formula 1.

Verstappen on sustainability

"What we're doing in the US at the moment I think it's great. You know, having the three races there, in different places I think works really well. I think, yeah, from my side, the only thing that can improve a bit on the calendar is just the general, like, travelling. We're still travelling a little bit too much left and right. So, there are still a few things we can do better," Verstappen explains. 

"But of course at the same time, I understand that, you know, having two or three races in the same country or the same continent maybe sells less tickets. But what are you trying to sell? Is it tickets or actually sell the sustainability story?, Verstappen wonders.

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.