Steiner's fallout gets messier: Haas now sue their former team principal

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Steiner is sued by Haas over his autobiography
13 May at 10:04
Last update 13 May at 10:08
  • Renate van Holst

After Guenther Steiner first sued Haas F1 over unpaid commissions, it is now Haas' turn to sue the former team boss. Haas Automation is suing Steiner over alleged trademark infringements in his book 'Surviving to Drive'.

'Surviving to Drive' the culprit

Just a few days after Steiner dragged his former team to court, he has to appear again. Haas Automation, the parent company of Haas F1, is suing Steiner over his book 'Surviving to Drive'. This book, according to the team, Steiner allegedly created without permission, as reported by

"In 2023, without permission or consent from Haas Automation, Steiner authored, marketed, promoted, sold, distributed, and profited from a publication titled “Surviving to Drive” (the “Accused Product”), which unlawfully used and displayed, and continues to use and display, The Haas Automation Trademarks and the Haas Automation Trade Dress for Steiner’s personal financial gain and illicit profit," a Haas document says.

"Haas Automation never consented to Steiner’s use of the Haas Automation Trademarks or the Haas Automation Trade Dress on the Accused Product."

Should the lawsuit proceed in California, it will be important to consider how Steiner and Ten Press' assessment of the use of the images could be considered fair use. Fair use of another's media is legal for individuals and publishers to use without permission for various purposes, including commentary, criticism, news reporting and comedy.

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.