James Vowles does know why Adrian Newey should come to Williams

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James Vowles tries to convince Adrian Newey to come to Williams
3 May at 20:59
  • Sophia Crothall

James Vowles, Williams' team boss, would love to bring Adrian Newey to the British Formula One team. Red Bull's top designer announced a few days ago that he will no longer design for Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez's racing team. Now, Vowles is trying to convince Newey to come to Williams.

Vowles spoke to Newey

Vowles spoke to Newey after his departure from Red Bull was announced. "It was more of a light-hearted conversation than anything else. We talked about how it cannot have been an easy decision (to quit Red Bull, ed.)," explained the Williams team boss.

What can Williams offer Newey?

The Englishman would like to see Newey come to Williams. When asked what he thinks Williams can offer the designer, Vowles is clear. "I think we are a team without too much politics. We are a small team trying to find our way back to the front. And I think it's a very good fit for someone who wants to throw themselves into such a challenge," 

"What's great about Williams is that it has retained a family feel. We are not driven by an OEM (factory team, ed.). We are driven by a group of individuals who want to be there. And it's all about racing. And hopefully that plays to his strengths," he continued.

Every team would want Newey's expertise, Vowles knows. "There's no team where he hasn't been, like McLaren, ourselves and Red Bull, where he hasn't made a difference. And I think everyone here would be foolish not to at least have a conversation with him at that stage," concludes the 44-year-old Briton.