F1 to use artificial intelligence to enhance TV graphics

04-12-2018 13:44
by Louis Shaw
F1 to use artificial intelligence to enhance TV graphics

In an attempt to increase the viewing experience of Formula 1, the sport's chiefs have been testing the latest technology to harness a wide range of data which will be able to be viewed by TV audiences. 

Speaking at a conference last week Ross Brawn said that plans were advancing for a better graphics package. 

"For next season we are expanding 'F1 Insights' for our viewers, by further integrating the telemetry data such as the car position, the tyre condition, even the weather, so we can use 'Sagemaker' to predict car performance, pit stops and race strategy," said Brawn, quoted by motorsport.com. 

"There will be some exciting new AI integrations into next year's F1 TV broadcast."

There are three main areas that this new package aims to enhance. The first one is the TV viewers ability to see the state of the drivers' tyres to allow them to understand how the drivers might be managing the tyres. 

The second area is that they hope to develop a graphic that predicts the likelihood of an overtaking manoeuvre taking place. 

Thirdly, another area that is to be explored is a greater analysis of pit stops so fans can understand how detailed the procedure is. 

This introduction of extra graphics should really excite fans as it is going to really enhance the viewing experience. 

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