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Carlos Sainz explains crash red flag Chinese Grand Prix 2024

Sainz discovers new talent: ‘I crashed at the right angle’

20 April at 10:30

Exiting the final corner during Q2, Carlos Sainz was a bit too eager and put his wheel in the gravel, which made him spin across the track into the wall on the opposite end. Carlos Sainz managed to get out of this tricky situation, and eventually finished in P7 in qualifying. Sainz reacted to his accident and the upcoming race.

Carlos Sainz caused a red flag in Q2 with his crash. "[It was] not easy at all [to recover after that]. I had a big moment there. Right at the last moment, I managed to crash at the right angle. I turned the wheel a bit to make sure I didn't crash straight with the rear tyre and I made it more sideways and this probably saved the day," the Spaniard explained his crash to Sky Sports.

Strategy for tomorrow after fierce battle with Leclerc

After the Sprint, Sainz’s teammate, Charles Leclerc, said an angry comment over his team radio to Ferrari. "Let’s speak. We’re fighting more… He’s fighting more me than the others. But anyway…"

Sainz was asked about his battle with his teammate earlier, and whether they will work together during the race to climb up the grid. "That's what we always do. We will try the same. Hopefully, it's a long race tomorrow, which means we can put together a strong race," Sainz underlined.

"We're quicker. There is nothing we could have done better. Now it's a matter of over 50-something laps if we can show a better race pace and get in front of them, which will not be easy."